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Better, Wiser and closer to a Poise pad then I want to admit……

This was me in 2011…..A ton has happened since that photo was taken. I am so much better and wiser then back then, but back then I knew I was going to be better and that is why I am smiling! Hope and an expectation of a future is what I see in this picture. That even as good, or bad as it is, it had a potential to be mind blowing, if I just believed one single thing…..God freaking adored me!
Get a hold of that… and it changes a persons life.  Even on the days I look in the mirror and have to remind myself, because those negative voices inside my head… Hope and Expectation is what I see. That is what comes to mind when I see this photo…and when God sees it…he smiles.
I hope this blog will encourage and help you face off with your Demons, Devils and Flying Ghost Monkeys. I hope that along the way we can expose the lies we believe about ourselves that rob us and everyone around us blind!

As for the Poise pad….I will eventually Rock it!  I have so many stories I could tell on this subject!  Go Google… Go Girl….Freaking Hookah!

Taking down my Ghost Monkeys!  Later Sweets!

Better & wiser....


Exposing the lies that hold us back & how we find the truth! #findyourtruth #exposethelies #ddfgm

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