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DDFGM – Declaration of Badass!

Hey you Flying Ghost Monkeys with your voices in my head.
The one who loves to whisper in my ear and tell me everything that I am not, and everything that I will never be. The one who then will list all the reasons why.
I am freaking talking to you! So listen up! I have heard enough out of you!

So here and now let me tell you who Stacey freaking iBold Stibbards is…..
I am a Rock Star of a Wife and Mother.
I am loving funny, encouraging, fearless, talented, forgiving, and compassionate.
I am a loyal friend who is generous and kind.
I am smart, wise and sexy.
A number for my size or age does not define me.

Funny thing is you never tell me THOSE things;  you tell me how I disappoint everyone and then you point out all of my short comings.
You love to pull the ‘remember the past’ card.
I am not crazy and I know that if you, Flying Ghost Monkeys aka (Devils, Demons, skeletons whatever you call them) are talking to me, chances are you are talking to other people around me.
My heart is FOR all people and I want to see everyone pull a 180 on your ass and break free from all the lies you tell, and I am going to tell them how amazing they are, because you don’t.
My words have power and the more I expose you and the lies you tell us, the better we all become.
So consider this my Declaration of Badass, because you are going down!

(Voice you sure are persistent I will give you that : )
I haven’t even hit “Post” and you’re already telling me….
“Don’t post that because people will judge you…
laugh at you….
hate you…..
misunderstand you.
You don’t want to open that door.
They don’t really want to hear anything you have to say anyway, so save your breath”

My Badass response:
Well let’s just see….
I am willing to take that risk ……
because I think, they just might be ….
encouraged by me….
laugh with me….
like me….
understand me…..
and maybe just rally against you with me!
After all I am just standing up to a bully!
But thanks for your ‘concern’ little voice.

What do you have to declare?
You are so much more than that voice gives you credit for.
It is time for us to stand up to that bully!

Love ya Sweets!


Exposing the lies that hold us back & how we find the truth! #findyourtruth #exposethelies #ddfgm

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