Posted in Demons, Devils, & Flying Ghost Monkeys

My Demons call me names!

My demons they call names like fat, lazy, stupid, worthless, dirty and what is wrong with you? Each of those words came in the voice of someone in my life I knew, love and trusted. It is hard to hear the question over and over by someone you love… What is wrong with you…  So my demons use that against me…Well remember when such and such said you were…blah blah blah my demons love to remind me of the pain that fuels them.  The truth is those voices that came out of those people were just the ghosts that haunted their head and if they could take it back they would. Sometimes we forget the power our demons words have disguised in our on voice!

DDFGM - #6


Exposing the lies that hold us back & how we find the truth! #findyourtruth #exposethelies #ddfgm

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