Make a Difference

‘Me better’ is better for everyone around me. When I change my perspective about me, the world perceives me differently as well.
I was reminded of this truth in my life while talking with the amazing friend of mine. She is hugely talented and works so hard to be the best teacher that she can possibly be. And yet, because she is also gorgeous, people perceive her success as easily gained.

My challenge for 2016 – continue to dig for the truth in my life!

Can you help me find the Baltimore Four?

Here’s a different take on my elevator speech series. This one actually took place.

It was New Years Eve last year, at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I had one of those moments waiting for the elevator with a crowd. You know, where you HAVE to say something, IF you are brave enough. That night, I was brave enough. And I engaged these 4 young African American guys that were waiting for the elevator. To be honest, I don’t know what God said to those guys that night; even though its me speaking it seems kinda personal so I try not to listen in while I’m speaking.  Anyway, one of them broke down in to an ‘ugly cry’ as Oprah would call it, and the others were barely holding it in. I slept well knowing I had stepped up. But now I’m asking for the help of the Internet. Who were those guys? I’d love to meet them again and get their perspective of what happened. What WAS going to happen that night that changed? What came of that conversation they had with God that night.
So… I need your help filling in the gaps. Here’s what I know:
Holiday Inn Inner Harbor Baltimore
New Year’s Eve last year
8-10 pm
Crazy looking white girl stopped to talk to 4 guys waiting for an elevator
Would you help us get back together so we can compare notes on what happened next?

My Elevator Speech with Amy and Steve from The Travel Channel’s The Dead Files Series


What I’d say if I had Amy and Steve alone for a few minutes.

I’ve learned so much from your show. You have provided me with so much insight into what I have experienced first hand. I think your show is brilliant!

You know the signs and symptoms of these kids who are being tormented and then had to get their act together enough to get to school. That’s how I grew up.

I never knew God, but I knew there was a devil trying to kill me.
Between what you’ve seen and what I’ve lived through, I think we could have some great conversations. Perhaps we can talk through ISIS and our kids who are turning into zombies, and maybe figure out how to change the world.

BTW, there’s no way the Travel Channel pays you enough for what you are worth.

My Elevator Speech with Steve Martin

Have you ever thought of what you would say to Steve Martin. If you ever were riding in an elevator with him?  Well I have – take a listen!

I fell for you hard when I was 6. And you left me with a lifelong appreciation of older guys. In my eyes, my husband gets better looking every year.
And the banjo? Tickles me to know you have that sweet skill.

My Elevator Speech with Keith Richards

Have you ever thought of what you would say to Keith Richards. If you ever were riding in an elevator with him?  Well I have – take a listen!

Is death just afraid of you? You inspire me. I’m excited about getting older.

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My Elevator Speech with Pete Rose

Have you ever thought of what you would say to Pete Rose?, if you have a moment in an elevator with him next week? Here’s what I’ll say to Pete when I get the chance.

I was born in Cincinnati, and spent every summer there. I have always had a heart for you, and I think it’s ridiculous that you aren’t in the Hall of Fame.
If I ran in to the ‘be all guy of running baseball’, I’d tell him that he needs to ‘make that shit right’. (editor’s note; that would be Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball commissioner)
(Additional editor’s note: this video was recorded a few days ago, prior to the today’s announcement regarding Mr. Rose’s continued ban from the sport. Mr. Manfred maintains that Pete Rose has not reconfigured his life since the ban’s inception sufficiently to conclude that he would not be at risk of violating MLB’s rules on gambling. But MLB itself has been reconfigured since Mr. Rose’s lifetime ban went in to effect; it now has an equity stake in DraftKings, which the New York Attorney General says is involved in illegal gambling. So, I wonder if engaging the possibly illegal MLB product ‘DraftKings’ is the gambling violation which Mr. Manfred is concerned about? I also wonder at the hypocrisy required for the MLB to maintain this ban while itself owning an illegal gambling business. Not the view of the video or the presenter. Just an editor)



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My Elevator Speech with Chaz Bono

Have you ever thought of what you would say to Chaz Bono, if you ever were riding in an elevator with him?  Well I have – take a listen!

We are about the same age. And when I was a kid, I wanted to BE you. Primarily because I wanted your mom as my mom.  It hit me that while I wanted to be YOU, you didn’t want to be you.  I’m so glad you got to a happy place, and I’m still jealous that Cher’s your mom and not mine.

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40,000 Healed. . . So Why Haven’t You Heard of Her?

I have a friend who has seen over 40,000 people healed. Let that settle in…..Why have you not heard of her?
She grew up in London, attended Cambridge and is a doctor. She taught at Oxford and would be offered her dream job. She grew up working class poor in London and would finally have the life she worked so hard for.
Before stepping into her new life and dream job she decided to take a trip to Africa that would completely change the course of her life. You see not only is my friend a doctor, but has a supernatural gifting where she sees death destroyed. Cancer gone. Lyme disease gone. Parkinson’s gone…and so on.
On this trip to Africa someone would see her potential and suggest what she needed to do was serve the masses…Why haven’t you heard of my friend?
My friend would walk away from everything she worked her whole life for, to serve people. The best way to explain it would be to have a super power, but not know exactly everything you are capable of doing. So enters in a person who says leave your life and come to America on a religious visa that would leave her completely reliant on this group, because she can’t work and make an income with the type of visa. She would study and become a pastor and be passed around like a circus freak show touring the bible belt. The churches would see people lined out the door and people healed with personal testimonies declaring encountering a warmth and love they had never felt as my friend would just lay hands and pray. When she didn’t conform and submit to their demands for more and more they would call her out as a witch and devil, the words that hurt her heart the most.
My friend would see churches profit off her and give her most times not even enough to survive and but to keep her dependent. We have celebrated together her having a new toothbrush because there were times that was a luxury.
Over 40,000 people healed….Why have you not heard of my friend?
She would be beat down, rebuked and rejected while she only had a heart to help whom ever she could. Her heart was to see people set free. In every area of their life. See my friend understands all about your Demons, Devils and Flying Ghost Monkeys.
She understands how lies creep in and plant seeds of death and all it’s trying to do is steal from people. My friend understands when she is praying against something like cancer, it is just not the toll it takes on the persons body, but on their finances; being sick is expensive and many times can cost them everything. My friend understands the burden emotionally this put on the person and the entire family. It effects every area of the person’s life. That is what death does; no matter what name we give it cancer, heart, Crohns, lyme, or Parkinson’s disease, she calls it evil and like a super hero in a cute short skirt and heels, she prays and that evil thing gets it’s ass kicked!
My friend has seen over 40,000 sick people healed and you have never heard of her.
So what is a friend to do? I know what good she could be to this world, but how do you protect her from someone else taking advantage and exploiting her?
I will say again, I have a friend who has a heart to see the world healed and is a doctor who studied at Cambridge University, who comes with the credentials the world says makes her successful, who has seen over 40,000 healed and so many families restored. How come you have never heard of her……
What does a good friend do?

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Four Little Words that stop me in my tracks!

I have four little words that can stop me in my tracks at times!

‘What would people think?’ has made me pause, second guess and stop an embarrassing number of times.

I decided to ignore those four words on my visit home to take care of my mom.

I went to the pharmacy to get wound care supplies. I looked like a million bucks because I dress up to fly, and had just arrived from the airport. While in line to ask a question, I noticed in the security monitor that the ladies behind me were making fun of how I was dressed and had done my hair.

While I was in the middle of a good pity party, God told me to pay attention to the woman who was already at the counter for a moment.

God told me to step in and take action on her behalf. In this case, I was supposed to pay for some medicine after her card was declined. The Pharmacist finally agreed to take my card and allow me to pay for her medicine, but startled me when he told the lady what I had done. I don’t like the attention, and wasn’t ready for the lady to grab me. I didn’t know what to tell her about why I did it, but God told me to tell her that He was her provider. (This was remarkable because He’s never asked me to share that message before with anyone. ) Of course, it turns out that was exactly what she needed to hear, and had been praying about since her husband’s accident would mean not only expensive medication, but no paycheck for the foreseeable future.

It was exactly what she needed, and exactly what she needed to hear.
She was excited about getting home to tell her husband all that had happened, and their message from God.

She left, and I noticed that the ladies that were in line behind me had seen and heard what had happened, and their disposition about me had completely changed.

The Pharmacist then proceeded to make the ladies in line, who had been mean at first, wait while he escorted me around the entire store to make sure that I had everything that was needed. At the moment of purchase, he pulled out his personal card to pay for everything, and said, ‘please allow me to do this for you and for your mom because I’ve never seen anything like that. That was the kindest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.’

Even after being delayed in line, those ladies still had smiles.
What an amazing, high impact event in a bunch of lives. That woman and her husband, the ladies behind me, the pharmacist. And me more than anyone perhaps, even though I was just a messenger.
I don’t always say yes when He asks.

When I’ve declined, it’s usually because of those four little words, ‘What would people think?’. In this situation, in which I was already embarrassed by what these ladies thought of me because of my dress and hairdo, I went forward anyway. And it changed me forever.

And just maybe, some women in Winter Park Florida learned not to judge a book by it’s MomHawk haircut, and to stop being ‘mean girls’ at 45 years old.