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My Elevator Speech with Pete Rose

Have you ever thought of what you would say to Pete Rose?, if you have a moment in an elevator with him next week? Here’s what I’ll say to Pete when I get the chance.

I was born in Cincinnati, and spent every summer there. I have always had a heart for you, and I think it’s ridiculous that you aren’t in the Hall of Fame.
If I ran in to the ‘be all guy of running baseball’, I’d tell him that he needs to ‘make that shit right’. (editor’s note; that would be Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball commissioner)
(Additional editor’s note: this video was recorded a few days ago, prior to the today’s announcement regarding Mr. Rose’s continued ban from the sport. Mr. Manfred maintains that Pete Rose has not reconfigured his life since the ban’s inception sufficiently to conclude that he would not be at risk of violating MLB’s rules on gambling. But MLB itself has been reconfigured since Mr. Rose’s lifetime ban went in to effect; it now has an equity stake in DraftKings, which the New York Attorney General says is involved in illegal gambling. So, I wonder if engaging the possibly illegal MLB product ‘DraftKings’ is the gambling violation which Mr. Manfred is concerned about? I also wonder at the hypocrisy required for the MLB to maintain this ban while itself owning an illegal gambling business. Not the view of the video or the presenter. Just an editor)




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