Ninja Princess Bed

My husband, whom I adore, and who edits my videos and adds the descriptions, loves to sleep outside and nap in hammocks. A couple of Father’s Days ago, we upgraded his game and got him this combination swing/bed/gazebo and mosquito netting.
It’s awesome, and the entire camp has adopted it. The little girls we camp with calling it the ‘Princess Bed.’  The grownups, when they needed a nap mid evening but wanted to part of the action still, would sneak away to it.  Technically, this ‘sneak away for a nap’ was referred to as a ‘ninja.’ And so was born the term ‘Ninja Princess Bed.’
Highly recommended.

Here’s a link to it on Alibaba, but we got ours on Amazon.

Birth of the MOMHAWK!

Exposing the Lies of our Demons, Devils & Flying Ghost Monkeys

In August of 2010 my life took such a turn that I never saw coming…..and it would change me forever. Seriously! You are going to love this story!

It was a Monday morning. We were just trying to shake the weekend off that no one wanted to end, and head back to the daily grind.  Anyway we were running late and it was total insanity; everyone running around trying to find everything we needed to get out the door. I drove the kids to school in what I slept in, dropped them off, went home, and started cleaning. I threw a frozen hunk of something in the slow cooker and started the first of 5 loads of laundry I had facing me. Then I ran through to clean and vacuum every room in the house; I had to pick up from the night before; there had been about 22 people at our house until…

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Theresa Caputo Encouragement

Before you criticize what she does, stop and ask yourself, ‘could I be a douchebag?’. No offense to Massengill intended.
What I’ve seen is that she has a heart for people and to help them feel ‘freed’ from things that have troubled them. How wrong can that be?
TLC – You Rock
Travel Channel – you dropped the ball on The Dead Files.
I think between Amy Allan and Theresa Caputo, you’ve got the spiritual world covered.
Chelsea Handler and Andy Cohen have the entertainment world covered.
While Theresa deals with spirits that want to help folks, and Amy deals with spirits that inhabit your house, I deal with those things in your head. Lying to you about what you have done, what you can do, what other people think. The list goes on and on.

Watch the show. There are lots to learn.

Don’t let your last interaction with someone before their death be the end of the conversation.