If you think you have enough friends, you are wrong!

If you think you have enough friends, you are wrong! The people who love me the most, like crazy, have only come into my life the last few years. I had to be open to it. So glad I was, because to have never had the times and memories I do would be heartbreaking to know I missed out on this kind of love, that not only loves on me but my entire family. Who is missing from your life? What gifts get stolen when we live without open minds and hearts…….friends

Don’t be too quick to judge!

This happened to me! Back in 1998. We were new to the neighborhood and the much older woman who lived next door would walk to the end of the driveway to get her mail about 15 feet away from my mailbox. I would greet her each day calling out from my mailbox, how are you today? No reply…I would do this for about 5 days with no response Why does this woman hate me, are we bad neighbors, has she misunderstood something? She won’t even look at me. So now I am taking this personally and would avoid being outside at the same time. I would wait for her to get her mail then I would get mine. One day I was pulling into the driveway and thought oh no when I saw her outside. I felt judged and rejected by this woman. That day when I got out of the car she was just standing in her driveway looking at me with a smile…..I was confused. As I had to walk past her she called out, I was wondering when we would get to meet. This totally confused me. I told her, “I have said hello several times when you check your mail.” “Oh no sweetie. I don’t hear very well and my eyes sight is failing.” Her name was Veronica but her friends called her Ronnie she told me. Ronny and I became friends that day and checked the mail every day together where we would stand and chat. Ronny would share with me how much she looked forward to checking the mail because that always meant a hug from me in the driveway and she wasn’t so lonely anymore. I wasn’t as lonely anymore either. She would want to know everything going on with my husband and kids; she just wanted to talk. See what tried to get stolen from both of us? I didn’t call her Ronny, I called her Miss Veronica. She would later tell me, “no one calls me Veronica anymore, except you and that is what my mother called me…I think about my mom often now, and she has been gone so long I almost forgot her. But because of you, I love to think back about all those years ago.” Miss Veronica was the best 88-year-old friend a girl could have.

Calling all of Humanity…..don’t you think it’s time for a Global Time Out?

stacey - backI have tried for as long as I can remember to be kind and loving to almost every person I have encountered in my life.  It was a decision I made because I just want to be better.  Whether it is just locking eyes and smiling or simply saying hello.  I try to be a light in the place, because in life we are all here trying to live which sometimes is really hard.  Overwhelming to some, so much so it pushes some of us to do things and say to things to each other that are not right.

Calling all of humanity……..

Can we just call a giant time out!  Worldwide, every single one of us!  We are all so different in so many ways, or experiences have defined us and made us who we are today.  Some of us have experienced so much sadness and loss that your reality would be unimaginable to most of us.  On the other side we have one thing in common.  Each of us has only one live to live……  that is it!  One life we are given here.  We are born innocent with one common need and desire to be nurtured and loved.

What happened to us??

Remember life before all the wounds and scars?  All the words that pierced through your heart?  All the sadness that sits on your chest as if you will suffocate and die from all the loss?  Do you remember yourself before all the hurt, that turned to bitterness and anger to rage to unforgiveness to revenge and back around again….. and again.

Humanity do you remember that child, that small hopeful soul who had hopes and dreams for a future?  Who wished no harm on anyone until harm was introduced to them?

We all start out innocent… when did it become to have little or no concern for human life?  Each life is for a reason.  Each of us is made to do something extraordinary and what if we just as humanity agreed for a timeout and in that timeout we pulled a 180 and all just agreed to use all our powers for good and not evil.  We agree to support, nurture, and root for each other to help others overcome the hurts and the wounds.  There is a whole army of little souls out there we can change history for.  We can teach them we would all be better off caring and being kind to one another rather than hurting and killing each other.  We are not always going to agree on stuff, but if we could get it together and agree on one thing!

One Life!  How about we put away our bombs, guns, swords, but most of all our words.  Our words are the most powerful things we have and each of us can change the world, but most of us have no idea because we have chosen to believe the voice inside who is there to remind us of who we are not.

Change your words and you can change the world.  The next person may not do this but you are not them, you are you, and you can change you!  Be an inspiration to the people you meet and the people in your life and you just do that over and over again.  Come on!!  Your words have power use them always for good and not evil!  Let’s make that the new normal and we can turn this around.  Let’s stop hurting each other and see what happens when we care for one another.

I have just one life here and I want it to be amazing.  I want yours to be amazing too!  We can do this people!!

Your words are your superpower how will you use them to now to build someone up, or tear them down.

Please except this mission because you will be brilliant at it!

Love you all, Mama Stacey

Pandora Roulette

 stacey - back.jpg
So about 2 years ago I started something called Pandora Roulette.  After being in the church from age 26, and out of church now for about 4 years, the one thing I missed was all the music I loved those first 26 years. I was told that secular music was a bad influence and to get rid of it. I was supposed to fear the memories this music would bring back and how it could trigger my past, and how that could be bad. 
So far it is only Journey that does that, and that has always been the case, since everything bad that happened in life a Journey song was playing in the background, at least it would feel that way.  Don’t worry I have a few hardcore Journey fans for friends, and they promise an intervention.  Anyway, when we went on the road and climbed in the RV for almost 3 years, I started listening to all my favorite songs and would record me lip syncing random songs to see if I remembered the words and told stories about what memories they brought back. This was a journey (sorry) to figure out my truth and what I loved to do.
Music helped bring me back my life. I was so surprised at what came back to me as I listened.  So bored of lip syncing in my RV bathroom I started looking at the lyrics of the songs and was so surprised at what I learned. The lyrics are at times powerful and thought provoking.  I would turn on different channels, a favorite would be Smashing Pumpkins and read the words…Wow!!   I would then start to write some of the lyrics on paper that spoke to me and challenged myself to use them as examples of what I talk about…. exposing our lies and pulling a 180 on our perspective.  I also thought it would be a way to pay tribute to songs and to the artists that I love.
So play Pandora Roulette at your next get together and lip sync if you are with the right crowd or interpret the lyrics!  You could have fun with that.  I am sure this game exists, but I as I said I am just coming off a 3-year life lessons trip which just means I have been under a rock.  
Do one thing different tomorrow that will make you and someone else smile.
Until next time love ya Sweets!

Some Feedback to Quentin

Spoiler alert: I mention a plot detail from the movie.
Recently my family watched The Hateful Eight. After the movie, we were a little ‘shell shocked,’ which is common after one of your movies. But we ALL agreed that as good as this movie was, it would have been improved immensely if John Travolta had shown up in the stagecoach and accidently blown someone’s head off. In case you could see this scene and possibly forget, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBBni_-tMNs

Jennifer Jason Leigh; I loved your character from the first moment of screen time. You were a woman with a future. It reminded me of the Patriots vs. Giants game after Thanksgiving. The Patriots had gone ahead on a fieldgoal in the final seconds, and on the kickoff return, with a second left in the game, the Giants did not give up. They fought and scrambled, and lateralled, and fumbled on purpose, and recovered and pitched and ran. They accidentally stepped out of bounds with the ball, but they were fighting fighting fighting and did not give up. THAT impressed me like nothing else this football season.
And yes, I know Channing Tatum. I had trouble coming up with that name in the video once I thought about his character’s brains all over Jennifer.

Link to the Patriots vs. GIANTS game 10

Go to 2:16:00 in the recording.