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Some Feedback to Quentin

Spoiler alert: I mention a plot detail from the movie.
Recently my family watched The Hateful Eight. After the movie, we were a little ‘shell shocked,’ which is common after one of your movies. But we ALL agreed that as good as this movie was, it would have been improved immensely if John Travolta had shown up in the stagecoach and accidently blown someone’s head off. In case you could see this scene and possibly forget, here it is:

Jennifer Jason Leigh; I loved your character from the first moment of screen time. You were a woman with a future. It reminded me of the Patriots vs. Giants game after Thanksgiving. The Patriots had gone ahead on a fieldgoal in the final seconds, and on the kickoff return, with a second left in the game, the Giants did not give up. They fought and scrambled, and lateralled, and fumbled on purpose, and recovered and pitched and ran. They accidentally stepped out of bounds with the ball, but they were fighting fighting fighting and did not give up. THAT impressed me like nothing else this football season.
And yes, I know Channing Tatum. I had trouble coming up with that name in the video once I thought about his character’s brains all over Jennifer.

Link to the Patriots vs. GIANTS game 10

Go to 2:16:00 in the recording.


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