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“Good does not Harm and Evil does not Care”

We all have the same enemy to each of our souls. We need to get on the side of Life, Love, and Peace. We all need to stand together against the one thing set out to devour us all with …Death, Hate, and Fear.

“Good does not Harm, and Evil does not Care.”

Before things get any worse can we just have a global time out? Ponder for a moment our perspective on life and death, and which side we are on. those Demons we have invited in, (side note …did you not see cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’?  If that movie taught you anything it was you never invite a vampire in your home.) same with demons into your head. Those shady bastards lie to get us to do some pretty questionable things that we are hushed and told by those same demons why we are just in walking it out, to serve them. They only mean to manipulate us to help feed them with the fear and agony that they survive and thrive on.
Expose the lies of your demons, devils or flying ghost monkeys whatever you call them. I love this video;  just a peek into what our Truth should be.

Truth is Life….Death is the Lies that we believe.
Make up your own mind;  it will surprise you what you find out, I promise.
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Exposing the lies that hold us back & how we find the truth! #findyourtruth #exposethelies #ddfgm

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