Posted in Demons, Devils, & Flying Ghost Monkeys

Not today Satan! It is time to get a bouncer or Carlton your doorman.

A random pain shows up in my leg….in 15 seconds flat my thoughts flash, Oh no it’s a blood clot or a stroke, then I say… not today Satan that is your plan being exposed and my body and soul is going to ask for and receive my healing and cast out all those thoughts? I am not lining myself up and googling you ie (smyptoms) and taking on all your demons who go by the names of symptoms. I just tell you to get out and let the body do what it wants to do….heal it’s self. Right then and there. #IJN. Make sense? Anyone? The point is that takes about 15 seconds and I move on! It takes practice not to take the bait and go down the rabbit hole and hold your leg in pain and confess how it hurts and and then it hurts more and your distracted and I remember me being in pain for days with I don’t know why that hurt so much and walking it, like a chain….then I would get so frustrated with the pain that I finally want it to go away! Then I remember I should have been telling it to go all this time then inviting it in….taking the bait as I call it from those demon devils and flying ghost monkeys! Or #ddfgm the moral of the story….get a bouncer at your door….Be mindful of what bait you may take….and just let walk in. So much more, to say about those #ddfgm, but I got to pee! Love ya Sweets! Have an amazing weekend!

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