Posted in Demons, Devils, & Flying Ghost Monkeys

Speak your kind….demons hate that.

Speak your kind….demons hate that. In 1997 I went on a #40dayfast of not #speaking out anything #negative I went into everyday with the #intention if I thought something negative I would speak out something #positive It changed the whole atmosphere of my life and work place, soon my co workers were doing the same It was crazy how they would come in and tell stories how they applied that to their lives and the changes that took place in every area with their kids, in their marriages ect. Those 40 days changed me. Life has had it’s ups and downs and I forgot that along the way. So today I am inspired to get that all back and I start fresh today. Join with me in a new #40dayfast from speaking negative and see what can really happen. Would love to hear your #updates #stories and #testimonies #wegotthis #wearethechange #pulla180 #speakyourkind

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