About Me!

Demons, Devils and Flying Ghost Monkeys are terms I’ve used to refer to the thoughts and suggestions that creep into our heads. They divert, distract, and outright steal. They love to play the role of accuser and judge.

We are bombarded with negative thoughts about ourselves and others. The only power they have over us is when we believe their lies.

What do they tell you?
What is your head haunted with?
A Ghost . . . of Fear, Shame, Sadness, Rejection, Anger, Regret, Disappointment or Hopelessness? Just to name a few…

Demons, Devils, and Flying Ghost Monkey’s delight, in our agony and, are fueled by our fears, anxiety, worry, etc.  Whatever you call the thoughts that get planted in your head, meant to defeat and destroy, they have a common desire to bring us to our knees in hopelessness. But the truth is, Sweets, that they are terrified you will find out the truth; you control their destiny and can render their lies powerless by exposing them.  They only look big and bad when you believe what they tell you about themselves. Remember the Wizard of Oz? The Almighty Wizard was just a guy behind a curtain, with a microphone.  Isn’t it time we all started pulling back the curtain? Chances are we’ll get a good laugh at what we find has been haunting our heads, or better yet, a ‘wake up call’ to start kicking ass and taking life back.

Our thoughts are killing us!!! Our truth is what saves us and obliterates the lies.

I hope this page will help encourage and reveal that you are a force to be reckoned with, and can stand up to the biggest bully of all. . . The thoughts, in our own head.

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