“Good does not Harm and Evil does not Care”

We all have the same enemy to each of our souls. We need to get on the side of Life, Love, and Peace. We all need to stand together against the one thing set out to devour us all with …Death, Hate, and Fear.

“Good does not Harm, and Evil does not Care.”

Before things get any worse can we just have a global time out? Ponder for a moment our perspective on life and death, and which side we are on. those Demons we have invited in, (side note …did you not see cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’?  If that movie taught you anything it was you never invite a vampire in your home.) same with demons into your head. Those shady bastards lie to get us to do some pretty questionable things that we are hushed and told by those same demons why we are just in walking it out, to serve them. They only mean to manipulate us to help feed them with the fear and agony that they survive and thrive on.
Expose the lies of your demons, devils or flying ghost monkeys whatever you call them. I love this video;  just a peek into what our Truth should be.

Truth is Life….Death is the Lies that we believe.
Make up your own mind;  it will surprise you what you find out, I promise.
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Dealing with a New Symptom

Sometimes I forget how I’m allowed to deal with a new symptom hitting my body. Sometimes I let something ‘sneak in’ and I baby it and coddle it.
Here’s my advice; spend at least as much time telling the symptom to go away as you do researching what it might be. And do the ‘telling’ before the ‘research’.
I feel like I’m fighting for my life here, because I’ve picked a fight with the devil. So all kinds of crap has been thrown my way; most I’ve identified early as an attack and dealt with it. But not all.
Backache three weeks ago: I didn’t remember tweaking my back, but I woke up one morning like I had been hit by a truck. I just took it easy for a few days and coddled it.
Backache yesterday: 20 minutes after I told my husband that my back didn’t hurt anymore and I could move my own chair, that same back pain came back with a vengeance. THIS time, I told it that it had no right, and I didn’t have time to deal with it. I sent it packing, and it was gone in 30 seconds.
Cough: I was doing a video and was about to ask for someone to pray for me, when I started to cough like I’ve never before. While it was throwing all these diseases and outcomes my way, I got mad and called it ‘down’. I immediately stopped coughing, but then I heard, ‘you can’t ask for healing for your lungs when you’ve caused the problems yourself.’
I go through some other recent examples, but the long and short of it is that you have authority, and you have the choice of what symptoms you ‘coddle’ and which you ‘send packing’.

In a different dialect, I would say, ‘do you have faith/belief in the symptom, or in the healing?’ Your faith/belief adds reality to an idea, either positive or negative. If you believe the symptom indicates you are sick, then the probability of that being true just went up. When you tell someone you are sick because of your symptom, then the probability of that being true just went up.

Be warned though; as soon as you have victory with one symptom, they will come at you with something else. In my case, when I had put the cough ‘down’, I immediately heard that it was selfish of me to ask for healing when I had done the damage to myself.

Or they will try to get you to agree to a lesser disease. Something like getting you to say, ‘I can deal with the flu, as long as I don’t have GI issues’. Bam; you got the flu.

God would never say, ‘you made your bed, now you gotta sleep in it’. He has lived through every hurt and pain and disappointment in your life, and saw every decision you made. He knows what happened, and why you did what you did.
If you had the ability to heal your kids, wouldn’t YOU? Do you think you love your kids more than God loves His?

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40,000 Healed. . . So Why Haven’t You Heard of Her?

I have a friend who has seen over 40,000 people healed. Let that settle in…..Why have you not heard of her?
She grew up in London, attended Cambridge and is a doctor. She taught at Oxford and would be offered her dream job. She grew up working class poor in London and would finally have the life she worked so hard for.
Before stepping into her new life and dream job she decided to take a trip to Africa that would completely change the course of her life. You see not only is my friend a doctor, but has a supernatural gifting where she sees death destroyed. Cancer gone. Lyme disease gone. Parkinson’s gone…and so on.
On this trip to Africa someone would see her potential and suggest what she needed to do was serve the masses…Why haven’t you heard of my friend?
My friend would walk away from everything she worked her whole life for, to serve people. The best way to explain it would be to have a super power, but not know exactly everything you are capable of doing. So enters in a person who says leave your life and come to America on a religious visa that would leave her completely reliant on this group, because she can’t work and make an income with the type of visa. She would study and become a pastor and be passed around like a circus freak show touring the bible belt. The churches would see people lined out the door and people healed with personal testimonies declaring encountering a warmth and love they had never felt as my friend would just lay hands and pray. When she didn’t conform and submit to their demands for more and more they would call her out as a witch and devil, the words that hurt her heart the most.
My friend would see churches profit off her and give her most times not even enough to survive and but to keep her dependent. We have celebrated together her having a new toothbrush because there were times that was a luxury.
Over 40,000 people healed….Why have you not heard of my friend?
She would be beat down, rebuked and rejected while she only had a heart to help whom ever she could. Her heart was to see people set free. In every area of their life. See my friend understands all about your Demons, Devils and Flying Ghost Monkeys.
She understands how lies creep in and plant seeds of death and all it’s trying to do is steal from people. My friend understands when she is praying against something like cancer, it is just not the toll it takes on the persons body, but on their finances; being sick is expensive and many times can cost them everything. My friend understands the burden emotionally this put on the person and the entire family. It effects every area of the person’s life. That is what death does; no matter what name we give it cancer, heart, Crohns, lyme, or Parkinson’s disease, she calls it evil and like a super hero in a cute short skirt and heels, she prays and that evil thing gets it’s ass kicked!
My friend has seen over 40,000 sick people healed and you have never heard of her.
So what is a friend to do? I know what good she could be to this world, but how do you protect her from someone else taking advantage and exploiting her?
I will say again, I have a friend who has a heart to see the world healed and is a doctor who studied at Cambridge University, who comes with the credentials the world says makes her successful, who has seen over 40,000 healed and so many families restored. How come you have never heard of her……
What does a good friend do?

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