Pandora Roulette

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So about 2 years ago I started something called Pandora Roulette.  After being in the church from age 26, and out of church now for about 4 years, the one thing I missed was all the music I loved those first 26 years. I was told that secular music was a bad influence and to get rid of it. I was supposed to fear the memories this music would bring back and how it could trigger my past, and how that could be bad. 
So far it is only Journey that does that, and that has always been the case, since everything bad that happened in life a Journey song was playing in the background, at least it would feel that way.  Don’t worry I have a few hardcore Journey fans for friends, and they promise an intervention.  Anyway, when we went on the road and climbed in the RV for almost 3 years, I started listening to all my favorite songs and would record me lip syncing random songs to see if I remembered the words and told stories about what memories they brought back. This was a journey (sorry) to figure out my truth and what I loved to do.
Music helped bring me back my life. I was so surprised at what came back to me as I listened.  So bored of lip syncing in my RV bathroom I started looking at the lyrics of the songs and was so surprised at what I learned. The lyrics are at times powerful and thought provoking.  I would turn on different channels, a favorite would be Smashing Pumpkins and read the words…Wow!!   I would then start to write some of the lyrics on paper that spoke to me and challenged myself to use them as examples of what I talk about…. exposing our lies and pulling a 180 on our perspective.  I also thought it would be a way to pay tribute to songs and to the artists that I love.
So play Pandora Roulette at your next get together and lip sync if you are with the right crowd or interpret the lyrics!  You could have fun with that.  I am sure this game exists, but I as I said I am just coming off a 3-year life lessons trip which just means I have been under a rock.  
Do one thing different tomorrow that will make you and someone else smile.
Until next time love ya Sweets!