Little Moments….

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One of the Little Moments that Fear tried to Steal

Fear can feel like it cost you everything, in a single moment or a zillion little moments. Here is an example of one little moment.

What if we said “Hello” and smiled at strangers more? What if we didn’t care if we seemed weird…or fill in the blank with whatever that thought of fear suggests, and which prevents us from reaching outside of ourselves to a stranger.

I met someone recently who shared that they had felt isolated and alone since moving to a new area almost a year ago. His impression was that the people were cold and unfriendly. Then he shared that a woman passing by in a store said, ‘Hello’ and smiled. He was startled because it had been so long since a stranger had acknowledged him.

I can’t stop thinking about how such a simple gesture made this guy feel better and affected his day in a positive way.  Not only his day but a week later it was still on his heart and he smiled as he shared the story.

So many of us are surrounded by people yet feel more alone and isolated than ever.  We should be on a mission to love humanity back to life.

For all of us who feel overwhelmed by the question, “What can I do?” Well, maybe it starts with a smile.

This guy who seems a bit shy and withdrawn over what life has handed him has a new and fresh perspective of… “What if I step out and just gave a smile? What could it do?” because he knows now what it did for him.

Just another day of learning how to use our super powers.

Together, we can turn this world around. Good always defeats evil in the end, we just have to stop listening to the evil.

Evil will never tell you how good you are, how strong you are, or what a difference you can make.

Evil despises your capacity to love, and your potential for good, which promotes hope. Hope makes it harder to control us with fear.

So start with the kindness of a smile and give freely. Be on guard, because evil is there always. It tries to steal that kindness by suggesting that you pick and choose who you are kind to. It will try to pass judgment on people that are ‘different’ and suggest you pass them by. So give freely, and randomly. Remember the people whose paths you cross are frequently not accidental; don’t miss an opportunity.

Smiles are free and unlimited until your last breath. I hope to die with a big smile on my face as the biggest “screw you” to the evil lined up against all of us; we’re all in this together.

Love ya Sweets


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Four Little Words that stop me in my tracks!

I have four little words that can stop me in my tracks at times!

‘What would people think?’ has made me pause, second guess and stop an embarrassing number of times.

I decided to ignore those four words on my visit home to take care of my mom.

I went to the pharmacy to get wound care supplies. I looked like a million bucks because I dress up to fly, and had just arrived from the airport. While in line to ask a question, I noticed in the security monitor that the ladies behind me were making fun of how I was dressed and had done my hair.

While I was in the middle of a good pity party, God told me to pay attention to the woman who was already at the counter for a moment.

God told me to step in and take action on her behalf. In this case, I was supposed to pay for some medicine after her card was declined. The Pharmacist finally agreed to take my card and allow me to pay for her medicine, but startled me when he told the lady what I had done. I don’t like the attention, and wasn’t ready for the lady to grab me. I didn’t know what to tell her about why I did it, but God told me to tell her that He was her provider. (This was remarkable because He’s never asked me to share that message before with anyone. ) Of course, it turns out that was exactly what she needed to hear, and had been praying about since her husband’s accident would mean not only expensive medication, but no paycheck for the foreseeable future.

It was exactly what she needed, and exactly what she needed to hear.
She was excited about getting home to tell her husband all that had happened, and their message from God.

She left, and I noticed that the ladies that were in line behind me had seen and heard what had happened, and their disposition about me had completely changed.

The Pharmacist then proceeded to make the ladies in line, who had been mean at first, wait while he escorted me around the entire store to make sure that I had everything that was needed. At the moment of purchase, he pulled out his personal card to pay for everything, and said, ‘please allow me to do this for you and for your mom because I’ve never seen anything like that. That was the kindest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.’

Even after being delayed in line, those ladies still had smiles.
What an amazing, high impact event in a bunch of lives. That woman and her husband, the ladies behind me, the pharmacist. And me more than anyone perhaps, even though I was just a messenger.
I don’t always say yes when He asks.

When I’ve declined, it’s usually because of those four little words, ‘What would people think?’. In this situation, in which I was already embarrassed by what these ladies thought of me because of my dress and hairdo, I went forward anyway. And it changed me forever.

And just maybe, some women in Winter Park Florida learned not to judge a book by it’s MomHawk haircut, and to stop being ‘mean girls’ at 45 years old.