“You don’t hate, your demons do!”

“You don’t hate, your demons do!”
Charlie Monroe

Who are you? What are you filled with today?
Light or death?
You decide to cut your demons off by not feeding them with the very thing they need… your slow painful death in the form of defeat, loneliness, woundedness, rejection, sadness, anger, depression, sickness, offense, judgement, shame, fear, guilt, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, resentment, disappointment, broken heartedness, revenge, abandonment, hurt, worthlessness, unloved, until there is nothing left of you, and you operate just like the one trying to kill your heart and soul their goal is hopelessness. So wake up and take it all back! They have no right to any of you!
Being without hope makes you the walking dead! It’s the demon apocalypse. STAND UP to them. Expose their lies, and that is the truth that has the power to set you free.
I love you Sweets! I just hate your demons to the moon and stars and back.
no hope

Don’t be too quick to judge!

This happened to me! Back in 1998. We were new to the neighborhood and the much older woman who lived next door would walk to the end of the driveway to get her mail about 15 feet away from my mailbox. I would greet her each day calling out from my mailbox, how are you today? No reply…I would do this for about 5 days with no response Why does this woman hate me, are we bad neighbors, has she misunderstood something? She won’t even look at me. So now I am taking this personally and would avoid being outside at the same time. I would wait for her to get her mail then I would get mine. One day I was pulling into the driveway and thought oh no when I saw her outside. I felt judged and rejected by this woman. That day when I got out of the car she was just standing in her driveway looking at me with a smile…..I was confused. As I had to walk past her she called out, I was wondering when we would get to meet. This totally confused me. I told her, “I have said hello several times when you check your mail.” “Oh no sweetie. I don’t hear very well and my eyes sight is failing.” Her name was Veronica but her friends called her Ronnie she told me. Ronny and I became friends that day and checked the mail every day together where we would stand and chat. Ronny would share with me how much she looked forward to checking the mail because that always meant a hug from me in the driveway and she wasn’t so lonely anymore. I wasn’t as lonely anymore either. She would want to know everything going on with my husband and kids; she just wanted to talk. See what tried to get stolen from both of us? I didn’t call her Ronny, I called her Miss Veronica. She would later tell me, “no one calls me Veronica anymore, except you and that is what my mother called me…I think about my mom often now, and she has been gone so long I almost forgot her. But because of you, I love to think back about all those years ago.” Miss Veronica was the best 88-year-old friend a girl could have.

Calling all of Humanity…..don’t you think it’s time for a Global Time Out?

stacey - backI have tried for as long as I can remember to be kind and loving to almost every person I have encountered in my life.  It was a decision I made because I just want to be better.  Whether it is just locking eyes and smiling or simply saying hello.  I try to be a light in the place, because in life we are all here trying to live which sometimes is really hard.  Overwhelming to some, so much so it pushes some of us to do things and say to things to each other that are not right.

Calling all of humanity……..

Can we just call a giant time out!  Worldwide, every single one of us!  We are all so different in so many ways, or experiences have defined us and made us who we are today.  Some of us have experienced so much sadness and loss that your reality would be unimaginable to most of us.  On the other side we have one thing in common.  Each of us has only one live to live……  that is it!  One life we are given here.  We are born innocent with one common need and desire to be nurtured and loved.

What happened to us??

Remember life before all the wounds and scars?  All the words that pierced through your heart?  All the sadness that sits on your chest as if you will suffocate and die from all the loss?  Do you remember yourself before all the hurt, that turned to bitterness and anger to rage to unforgiveness to revenge and back around again….. and again.

Humanity do you remember that child, that small hopeful soul who had hopes and dreams for a future?  Who wished no harm on anyone until harm was introduced to them?

We all start out innocent… when did it become to have little or no concern for human life?  Each life is for a reason.  Each of us is made to do something extraordinary and what if we just as humanity agreed for a timeout and in that timeout we pulled a 180 and all just agreed to use all our powers for good and not evil.  We agree to support, nurture, and root for each other to help others overcome the hurts and the wounds.  There is a whole army of little souls out there we can change history for.  We can teach them we would all be better off caring and being kind to one another rather than hurting and killing each other.  We are not always going to agree on stuff, but if we could get it together and agree on one thing!

One Life!  How about we put away our bombs, guns, swords, but most of all our words.  Our words are the most powerful things we have and each of us can change the world, but most of us have no idea because we have chosen to believe the voice inside who is there to remind us of who we are not.

Change your words and you can change the world.  The next person may not do this but you are not them, you are you, and you can change you!  Be an inspiration to the people you meet and the people in your life and you just do that over and over again.  Come on!!  Your words have power use them always for good and not evil!  Let’s make that the new normal and we can turn this around.  Let’s stop hurting each other and see what happens when we care for one another.

I have just one life here and I want it to be amazing.  I want yours to be amazing too!  We can do this people!!

Your words are your superpower how will you use them to now to build someone up, or tear them down.

Please except this mission because you will be brilliant at it!

Love you all, Mama Stacey


DDFGM - #6For those of you who wonder…..What happen to Stacey? Our freaking family JUMPED and walked away from 90% it was like a Oprah episode, but no Dr. Phil at the end of the show and all 5 of us came out better, but we had to have the courage to JUMP and we all did. Our life changed and we don’t miss a thing we walked away from. It gave a fresh perspective and new eyes to a bunch of lies we believed about stuff and how it was suppose to serve us in some way, but it didn’t even begin to serve us until we got rid of almost all of it. We are not the same because we JUMPED….Then we set out to find what we love to do…each of us, knowing we had a gift you cant label because it does not look like anything else because it is unique to each of us. This was the goal of this adventure finding our passion and God given gifts and learning to walk it out and gave up the security of a home and an income and set out on an adventure that would kick our ass everyday for the last 3 years we would live together in less than 400 square feet and roll with the sucker punches of being homeless and losing everything! Free falling and hitting every tree and rock on the way down waiting and begging for the parachute to open because…We didn’t do this to live in more defeat and desperation. On what feels like the eve of losing everything again and free falling while bleeding out. I ask if you pray….Please pray for our family. We have such a vision for good and it feels like we can almost see it…..So when you see videos of me drunk and carrying on making a fool of myself as many of you feel. It was intentional to post myself at my worst not cleaned up or polished up safe for people to see. I wanted to expose that force trying to devour me and that continues to plant seeds of hopelessness. You will never know how hard it was to lay down my pride and let the brokenness and failure show for everyone to see. I felt it would speak louder than anything because showing the free fall would benefit my truth more then the lies I am suppose to live under that keeps me from jumping and believing there is this God that would catch me. My gift is Faith… Faith for this amazing Hope in a future for everyone and something everyday tries to steal this message from inside my spirit. I have fought so hard against what would feel like most days death of everyone of my dreams… Then I think where does that leave me? I have dreams for my Husband, Kids, Family, Friends and Everyone who encounters me. Even in passing you have no idea the words my spirit speaks over that strangers life that passes me as I smile. I can feel the oppression and hear the lies in your head and sometimes even see the demons dressed in old time clothes that thinks it has a right to you because it was assigned to your parents and grandparents and so on…I know the truth, it has no right to you and I call them off and battle for you in secret. Because I know this is not just for you, but an entire family and everyone you encounter. This is my gift and something so wicked just tries to steal it away. We serve our demons with our fears and worry, some of us with our hate and rage which fuels them and makes them stronger. I am trying so hard in this free fall to keep throwing the punches at the enemy of all my dreams, but not sure how much more I can fight or free fall because now these bastards are suggesting I just surrender to the end of all this and the best thing I could hope for is the crash that just ends it all and will give me peace. They lie! There is no peace in the death of all my dreams, just more fuel for the ghosts who haunt my thoughts. I saw this video today and it inspired all of this, watch and enjoy. Thanks for reading this, we can all rally together, because we all, everyone of us share the same enemy to all of our dreams and sometimes we need to be reminded. After all of this, in my heart of hearts I believe no matter how this life appears to others that didn’t agree or understand why we Jumped, I hope this video gives you a fresh perspective. I get it, but there are 1,000’s of brilliant stories of victories during the JUMP, and my hope today fuels me for a hope of a future because this amount of faith can not be returned void! Thank you , Steve Harvey,  family and friends can you all just say a prayer and send out happy parachute opening vibes…..Maybe come up with a dance…a parachute opening dance, we need all of the good mojo we can get.
Love you Sweets!


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40,000 Healed. . . So Why Haven’t You Heard of Her?

I have a friend who has seen over 40,000 people healed. Let that settle in…..Why have you not heard of her?
She grew up in London, attended Cambridge and is a doctor. She taught at Oxford and would be offered her dream job. She grew up working class poor in London and would finally have the life she worked so hard for.
Before stepping into her new life and dream job she decided to take a trip to Africa that would completely change the course of her life. You see not only is my friend a doctor, but has a supernatural gifting where she sees death destroyed. Cancer gone. Lyme disease gone. Parkinson’s gone…and so on.
On this trip to Africa someone would see her potential and suggest what she needed to do was serve the masses…Why haven’t you heard of my friend?
My friend would walk away from everything she worked her whole life for, to serve people. The best way to explain it would be to have a super power, but not know exactly everything you are capable of doing. So enters in a person who says leave your life and come to America on a religious visa that would leave her completely reliant on this group, because she can’t work and make an income with the type of visa. She would study and become a pastor and be passed around like a circus freak show touring the bible belt. The churches would see people lined out the door and people healed with personal testimonies declaring encountering a warmth and love they had never felt as my friend would just lay hands and pray. When she didn’t conform and submit to their demands for more and more they would call her out as a witch and devil, the words that hurt her heart the most.
My friend would see churches profit off her and give her most times not even enough to survive and but to keep her dependent. We have celebrated together her having a new toothbrush because there were times that was a luxury.
Over 40,000 people healed….Why have you not heard of my friend?
She would be beat down, rebuked and rejected while she only had a heart to help whom ever she could. Her heart was to see people set free. In every area of their life. See my friend understands all about your Demons, Devils and Flying Ghost Monkeys.
She understands how lies creep in and plant seeds of death and all it’s trying to do is steal from people. My friend understands when she is praying against something like cancer, it is just not the toll it takes on the persons body, but on their finances; being sick is expensive and many times can cost them everything. My friend understands the burden emotionally this put on the person and the entire family. It effects every area of the person’s life. That is what death does; no matter what name we give it cancer, heart, Crohns, lyme, or Parkinson’s disease, she calls it evil and like a super hero in a cute short skirt and heels, she prays and that evil thing gets it’s ass kicked!
My friend has seen over 40,000 sick people healed and you have never heard of her.
So what is a friend to do? I know what good she could be to this world, but how do you protect her from someone else taking advantage and exploiting her?
I will say again, I have a friend who has a heart to see the world healed and is a doctor who studied at Cambridge University, who comes with the credentials the world says makes her successful, who has seen over 40,000 healed and so many families restored. How come you have never heard of her……
What does a good friend do?

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Four Little Words that stop me in my tracks!

I have four little words that can stop me in my tracks at times!

‘What would people think?’ has made me pause, second guess and stop an embarrassing number of times.

I decided to ignore those four words on my visit home to take care of my mom.

I went to the pharmacy to get wound care supplies. I looked like a million bucks because I dress up to fly, and had just arrived from the airport. While in line to ask a question, I noticed in the security monitor that the ladies behind me were making fun of how I was dressed and had done my hair.

While I was in the middle of a good pity party, God told me to pay attention to the woman who was already at the counter for a moment.

God told me to step in and take action on her behalf. In this case, I was supposed to pay for some medicine after her card was declined. The Pharmacist finally agreed to take my card and allow me to pay for her medicine, but startled me when he told the lady what I had done. I don’t like the attention, and wasn’t ready for the lady to grab me. I didn’t know what to tell her about why I did it, but God told me to tell her that He was her provider. (This was remarkable because He’s never asked me to share that message before with anyone. ) Of course, it turns out that was exactly what she needed to hear, and had been praying about since her husband’s accident would mean not only expensive medication, but no paycheck for the foreseeable future.

It was exactly what she needed, and exactly what she needed to hear.
She was excited about getting home to tell her husband all that had happened, and their message from God.

She left, and I noticed that the ladies that were in line behind me had seen and heard what had happened, and their disposition about me had completely changed.

The Pharmacist then proceeded to make the ladies in line, who had been mean at first, wait while he escorted me around the entire store to make sure that I had everything that was needed. At the moment of purchase, he pulled out his personal card to pay for everything, and said, ‘please allow me to do this for you and for your mom because I’ve never seen anything like that. That was the kindest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.’

Even after being delayed in line, those ladies still had smiles.
What an amazing, high impact event in a bunch of lives. That woman and her husband, the ladies behind me, the pharmacist. And me more than anyone perhaps, even though I was just a messenger.
I don’t always say yes when He asks.

When I’ve declined, it’s usually because of those four little words, ‘What would people think?’. In this situation, in which I was already embarrassed by what these ladies thought of me because of my dress and hairdo, I went forward anyway. And it changed me forever.

And just maybe, some women in Winter Park Florida learned not to judge a book by it’s MomHawk haircut, and to stop being ‘mean girls’ at 45 years old.