Theresa Caputo Encouragement

Before you criticize what she does, stop and ask yourself, ‘could I be a douchebag?’. No offense to Massengill intended.
What I’ve seen is that she has a heart for people and to help them feel ‘freed’ from things that have troubled them. How wrong can that be?
TLC – You Rock
Travel Channel – you dropped the ball on The Dead Files.
I think between Amy Allan and Theresa Caputo, you’ve got the spiritual world covered.
Chelsea Handler and Andy Cohen have the entertainment world covered.
While Theresa deals with spirits that want to help folks, and Amy deals with spirits that inhabit your house, I deal with those things in your head. Lying to you about what you have done, what you can do, what other people think. The list goes on and on.

Watch the show. There are lots to learn.

Don’t let your last interaction with someone before their death be the end of the conversation.

Can you help me find the Baltimore Four?

Here’s a different take on my elevator speech series. This one actually took place.

It was New Years Eve last year, at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I had one of those moments waiting for the elevator with a crowd. You know, where you HAVE to say something, IF you are brave enough. That night, I was brave enough. And I engaged these 4 young African American guys that were waiting for the elevator. To be honest, I don’t know what God said to those guys that night; even though its me speaking it seems kinda personal so I try not to listen in while I’m speaking.  Anyway, one of them broke down in to an ‘ugly cry’ as Oprah would call it, and the others were barely holding it in. I slept well knowing I had stepped up. But now I’m asking for the help of the Internet. Who were those guys? I’d love to meet them again and get their perspective of what happened. What WAS going to happen that night that changed? What came of that conversation they had with God that night.
So… I need your help filling in the gaps. Here’s what I know:
Holiday Inn Inner Harbor Baltimore
New Year’s Eve last year
8-10 pm
Crazy looking white girl stopped to talk to 4 guys waiting for an elevator
Would you help us get back together so we can compare notes on what happened next?